Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New and Emerging Technologies in ELT - Chennai, India

This an IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG / ELTAI conference which is taking place on 3rd - 5th August, 2007.

There are many interesting papers and workshops. The complete programme is availalbe on the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG website. Do have a look at http://ltsig.org.uk

In the framework of the above conference, I will be offering a workshop on Computer-mediated Communication in ELT.

Computer-mediated communication in ELT: Part A

Part A: Trying out CMC tools

Task 1:

Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication

Try out Synchronous Text Chat

a) If you haven’t tried a synchronous text-chat before, try one now. You can find a chat box at the lower part of this blog.

Find out:
- who is online,
- where they are from.
- what they do.

Try out Synchronous Audio/Video CMC

b) Try out FlashMeeting

On Sunday 5th August from 10:50a.m - 12:20p.m (UK time)

Add your name and join the meeting.

Task 2:

Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication

Try out Asynchronous text-based Computer-Mediated Communication.

a) I think you all tried email ; )

b) Have you tried discussion forums? If not, have a look at a teachers’ discussion forum.
Check out the messages to figure out how conversations on a discussion board are structured.

Task 3:

Asynchronous Audio Computer-Mediated Communication.

a) Try out MyChingo (see the orange voiceboard under my picture?)

Basic: Leave a message on my MyChingo Voice Mail: Messages shouldn’t be longer than two minutes.

Advanced: Have you got a website or a blog? Get your own MyChingo.
(the relevant link is on the list on the right under asynchronous CMC tools)

b) Try out Chinswing

Basic: Go to Chinswing’s education Channel
Listen to a discussion you find interesting. Leave a message.

Advanced: Start your own new discussion?

c) Try out Vaestro.

Basic: See a Vaestro forum implemented in ESL.

Listen to the students’ messages.

Basic: Leave me an audio comment on Vaestro

Advanced: What do you fancy? Create a new topic? Create your own Vaestro forum?

Computer-mediated communication in ELT: Part B

Part B: Reviewing the tools

Find a partner and discuss:

1. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of:

a) Synchronous CMC
b) Asynchronous CMC

You may wish to differentiate between types of CMC (e.g. audio, text, etc.)

2. How do you see them implemented in language learning and teaching?

- What, if any, benefits could they add to language learning and teaching?
- Practical ideas for their implementation.
- Can you think of any pitfalls we should look out for?

Computer-mediated Communication: Part C

Part C: Implementation

Work with a partner.

1. Based on the ideas that we have discussed, browse through some projects and:

- comment/share aspects you liked
- comment/share aspects you would like improved

2. Try to distill some guidelines of good practice based on what we've done so far.

Here are some projects to browse through. You may wish to add some others you happen to be aware of.


You can find more projects at the etwinning website.

Going to Chennai (Madras) India

Again, I disappeared for a long time. ... : )
My work has been really hectic and I barely get a breather.

Since I posted last I've been to Aberdeeen for an exciting IATEFL conference,
to Washington DC for a challenging project I'm working on, to London for a meeting and some time out and to Madrid for an EU project. I think these are all the places I've been since February...

I will now soon be going to India for a conference in Chennai.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

memories from Norwich

It's been a while now since I last posted, although I keep meaning to.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Norwich. I liked the town and I loved meeting all the people at the workshop.

If any of you want to have a look at all the materials used by the other presenters too, you can find them at the IATEFL Learning Technologies website at:

Hope to see some of you again, soon!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Computer-Mediated Communication in ELT

This is a workshop I'm giving at the IATEFL LT SIG event in Norwich. It is a huge topic but I'll try and cover the most basic issues.
Please bear in mind that sometimes distinctions between modern tools are not clear-cut. Skype, for example, can be used both as a synchrounous and an asynchronous tool.

'New Technologies in ELT" - a two-day event organised by IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG at Norwich UK

This is promising to be a great event. For more information check at: